Home Renovations AES Marconi - Building and Renovation
Our Building Services Team is experienced in all types of construction, with expertise in residential properties and small commercial projects. We have gathered a wide portfolio of projects, from contemporary extensions and refurbishments to more traditional finishes.
AES Marconi - Asbestos AES Marconi - Asbestos Services
We are a fully licensed asbestos removal contractor & surveyor, approved by the Northern Ireland Health and Safety Executive to remove or survey all asbestos including the most hazardous types of asbestos.
AES Marconi - Japanese Knotweed AES Marconi - Japanese Knotweed
AES Marconi are fully trained and qualified in the control of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds. We offer specific comprehensive site surveys to identify the ecological issues and provide practical and cost effective strategies on how to eradicate the problem.
AES Marconi - Environmental AES Marconi - Environmental
AES Marconi specialise in domestic oil spill clean up and are Northern Ireland's leading company in this sector.
AES Marconi - Drainage AES Marconi - Drainage
We are fully equipped to undertake all drainage repairs, drain unblocks and CCTV surveys. Our experienced teams operate across Northern Ireland.
AES Marconi - Building AES Marconi - Building
We are excellent at delivering small to medium sized building contracts, insurance claims, property maintenance and site security.

AES Marconi - Building and Renovations, Environmental, Asbestos Removal

AES Marconi is a company based in Northern Ireland, specialising in building projects, environmental control, oil spill remediation and asbestos removal.

Our building services span from large scale projects to small and medium sized home renovations. Our managers have over 60 years of combined experience, and specialise in residential properties and small commercial projects.

We are a specialist environmental remediation company and are Northern Ireland’s market leader in this sector.  We attend over 350 domestic and commercial oil spills every year across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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